Blocking Adsense Ads

I have seen varying points of view on whether you should block certain advertisers from your website.

More than a few folks I have spoken to view any ads on their site with a “caveat emptor” point of view, and if folks are dumb enough to use the product they get what they deserve, however, on my site I am not so sure. I have had a plethora of Pay Day Loans places advertising on my site, which to me is actually quite funny, as typically the ads appear next to one of my rants about how disgusting their services are.

The ads that are worrying me is for a specific “alleged” Disability Advocate company, that offers to help folks get their disability claims through the Canada Revenue Agency. I have read a whole bunch of nasty exposes on this specific company (and a few others), and I think that is where I am going to draw the line. I have added this company in specific to my Adsense Block list. The post where I talk about this is Disability Tax Credit: Please Do It Yourself.

Currently I have an extensive Block list for advertisers on all my sites, but I have added to this list thenba . ca and I have asked my readers if there are other advertisers they would not like to see. I am not going to necessarily ban all sites mentioned by my readers, but it gives them a say in things, which can’t hurt either.

To Block any advertiser, you:

  1. Open your Adsense
  2. Click on the Allow & Block Ads Tab at the top of the page
  3. There you are!

You start with individual advertisers, but you can block by category too. I got my initial list of sites to block from another post from someone else, and I have about 200 sites that I currently block.

Useful HTTP Trick

This post seems obvious, but sometimes obvious things still need to be said, wrote this over 8 years ago.

So once you have folks reading your site, you don’t really want them wandering away, without looking at your advertisers, or better still looking at other things on your site.

The problem being, if you simply put HTTP links for other sites (which you need to do, to help your rankings), then usually your page disappears from the reader’s browser and the new pager replaces it. Typically a link like this looks like:

< href=””>Canadian financial rants has an interesting article on vomiting

Well this is great for the Canadian Financial site because you are sending folks over to his site (that’s me by the way), however, your site now disappears from the browser. You can however with one added command fix this.

< href=”” target=”_blank”>Canadian financial rants has an interesting article on vomiting

This now causes your reader’s browser to open a new window for this link, and keeps your page in tact so they can wander off and read your linked pager, but then come back to your page by going back to their original browser window. I don’t remember who pointed this one out to me, but it is a good idea, I think.

Addendum: An important thing to add to a link if you have a link that is either paid for, or doesn't really fit in the flow of your post and that is the rel="nofollow" as well.


Why Do I Write So Much ?

That is a question I keep getting asked when I meet new bloggers, who have read The Canadian Personal Finance Place, they seem somehow in awe of my prolific output, but I think they forget some of the more dubious bits of writing that I have done over the past few years. I have even written about How do you write so much? on the site itself, but let’s look a little closer as to why Sisyphus and I have so much in common.

I end up writing 5 times a week, and I will also Tweet about 10 more posts from this site and from the Canadian Personal Finance site as well, just to keep the content in front of folks eyes. I use hootsuite to make sure I don’t create any Twitter Tsunamis and to time the tweeting a bit better (around lunch time is a good time to bring up older content). The one thing I am very careful with Hootsuite (which I’d like to replace, since it doesn’t do enough) is NOT use their URL shortener, but use the FULL URL from each post, so that Twitter counts that tweet (with the shortened URL it tends to ignore that fact).

All of this still only brings me about 4-500 viewers a day, and I seem to be stuck at that count for now. I am hoping to one day have a breakthrough of sorts, but for now, I guess I must be happy with the numbers for now.

M.C. Escher’s Hand Drawing Hands courtesy Wikipaintings

As for why I spew so much content that I can actually celebrate Post 2500 , I really am not too sure. There are weeks when it is quite painful attempting to piece together content, and other weeks it seems to flow like the Rideau River in May, but I also have a backlog of about 90 Draft posts that go from being almost complete to simple titles that I feel need to be expanded on. That alone means I have about 18 weeks or so of content still to develop.





Topics are Very Important

You need to find a topic for your site that you actually give a flying hoot about, or your writing is going to be quite laboured at the end of it all.

I write about finance (on THE Canadian Finance Place) mostly because it is more of a cathartic kind of thing. I complain and rale about stuff that I can’t really control, but it is easy to write. The topics usually become obvious depending on:

  • The time of year (e.g. Tax Season, Christmas spending, etc.,)
  • Major news events like the budget or stock market drops
  • Talking to friends and such, they give me a great deal of ideas
  • Reading other sites, and commenting on them.

I am always amazed at how many of my ideas come from day to day conversations with friends and family.

I can also find topics reading my own old writings, this article is actually a complete re-write of something I wrote 8 years ago. The original was quite sparse and didn’t really say much, but now, after almost 10 years of writing daily I think I can add a bit more to the topic.


TigerDirect (CA)

Write about something you care about, and your writing is that much easier, and always write your ideas down, I keep forgetting great ideas too!

NoFollow Attribute on Sponsored Links 3

My main sponsor on The Canadian Financial Place, informed me last week that they wanted me to change how I linked to their site, and that they wanted me to add:


to the HREF tag that I had to their site. This struck me as very odd, since they were paying for the link in their ad, but they informed me that due to Google’s new rules, they (and I) could get into deep trouble with Google if I did not do this.

The explanation given was:

Why do we have to do this?

If you do not follow this guideline you will likely lose your ranking in Google.

Advertisements are sometimes also known as “paid links” because someone is paying you (the website owner) to place a link on your page that points to another page. That link might be an image ad or a text ad, but it will virtually always be something on your page that links to another page. These links that someone bought were not put there for editorial or natural reasons, they were put there because someone paid for it.

TigerDirect (CA)

This was excerpted from the FeedTheBot post linked to above. I have since gone through other posts and added a great deal more rel=”nofollow” attributes to links that might be construed as being “paid for” and such. I am hoping this will either:

  • Stop me from losing my Page Rank (which is currently 4)
  • OR may help me get a higher page rank, we shall see

It seems odd to me to add the NoFollow attribute to the paid link, but I suppose upon reflection, it is showing Google what links are genuine informational links and which are more commercial in nature.

A Few Changes Here

I decided to change things around here a little bit, as I have been using the same Theme (UBD Money Maker) for a long time and it was getting a little stale. The theme had served me well but the new Customizr theme does give me a little more flexibility without having to pay for a premium theme (i.e. it is free).

Customizr has a funky looking slider and an ability to highlight specific posts on the front page, so I will be looking into that once I feel a little more comfortable with things.

The other interesting plug-in that I am trying out here is the Google Publisher Plug-in  which is supposed to be from Google (in Beta) which helps with Adsense ads and hooks into the Google WebMaster tools as well, which (I hope) helps this site finally get listed on Google (again). Still having no end of issues getting any of these posts crawled by Google, not really sure what is the problem here, but trying many different things.

I removed the All in One SEO Plug In, because it didn’t seem to be helping and was creating a very odd sitemap.xml file, and I reinstated the Google XML Sitemap generator plug-in which seems to create a normal sitemap, which is still not getting me crawled, but at least I can read it.

I am glad I have this site to try things out, I just wish it was actually in the Google Index.

Addendum: And I turned on WP-Supercache as well, I had issues with the previous cach’ing program but this one has worked just find on The Canadian Personal Finance Place, so it is now running here as well.