Attracting Heat: Another Writing Tactic

Following on with my Site Marketing using Wrestling ideas, another way to get eyes on your site is to try and attract some heat. Previously I have written about ho Being a Douche is One Way of Doing It and to continue on that idea, let me explain first the concept of heat (in wrestling terms):


Boos or negative reaction coming from the fans directly to the heel wrestler. From a booker’s standpoint, this is positive as it means the heel is getting the desired reaction from the fans.

A villain wrestler, who usually is booed, hated by the fans, and uses illegal tactics behind the referee’s back. Usually performing regularly against faces. The opposite of face.

So writing an article that is nasty, sarcastic, snarky or overly negative can be a useful way to get attention on

Killer Kowalski

The Greatest Heel of all time Walter “Killer” Kowalski

your site, however, it does come with some ramifications. Nobody likes reading overly negative stuff all the time (unless you are writing a scandal rag, and I am not sure how you do that in a financial sense), so you may not want to be a Heel Blogger, unless that is your decided persona for writing.

Another tactic is to try to draw heat to your site by writing Heel Comments (or being an Internet Troll) being argumentative, contradictory or just downright rude to see if you can get folks to mention you on their site (remember in Wrestling there is no such thing as bad press), again, being a Troll may get you noticed, but does it work in the long run? I am really not sure.

I view the voice of The Canadian Personal Finance Site as a relatively good natured web site, although at times I do try to draw some heat making some sarcastic commentary about Debt. I usually leave positive comments on most sites as well (if I disagree it is rare I leave a negative comment, I just ignore).

Taboo Subjects and Blogging

I found an old post I had done last year (when I was in a particularly silly mood), called Men’s Health, which never really caused as much of a commotion as I had hoped, so I had forgotten about it.

Tip of the Week

As most of my Twitter followers know, I actually put 2 original posts up a day, during the week, one which is brand new content and typically posted fairly early in the morning. Around lunch time I make another post which is an OBG (Oldie But Goodie) post, where I attempt to get more readership and site walk-thru by Tweeting older content (given I have over 1000 posts, it is not hard to find 7 posts a week for this). Sometimes I attempt to mine really old posts, and have to clean them up a great deal (edit out parts, add viable tags, etc.,), and this helps clean up my site in general, so it is a very worthwhile exercise, in my opinion.

The Man Who Broke the Most Taboos: the Late George Carlin

This week I went searching for Christmas related old(er) posts and tripped across my Men’s Health post again, and decided it would be an excellent candidate for Re-Tweeting, since I loved the humor in it, and I enjoy reading some of my sillier posts, so it was Tweet’ed on Monday.

As part of this content resurrection program, I ask for some of my blog helpers to retweet the content and such, however, most of them have left this post alone, and did not reTweet it, due to my copious use of Double Entendres, and the topic itself being about Erectile Dysfunction.

I had one friend post it to StumbleUpon, however they then said if they got banned for posting Adult content, I was in deep trouble! Digg did not seem to take the initial post either (although I note now it does have a Digg vote). None of my associates Dugg or did anything else to the post, so there it sits, un-Pushed, even though I think it is a fun post.

I guess the moral of the story is you can get a little too controversial, even when you think you are just being silly!

Book Review: SEO Search Engine Optimization Bible

SEO Bible by Jerri L. Ledford

(ISBN: 978-0-470-17500-2) As usual I have not purchased this book, I have, however, borrowed it from the Ottawa Public Library.

This is an excellent book for those who are beginners in the “Mug’s Game” of Search Engine Optimization.(SEO) It explains what the basic concepts of SEO are, and why they are important if you are trying to make money on the web.

The book starts sensibly talking about how you need a plan for how you are going to use SEO on your site (know what you want to achieve so you know whether you have succeeded or not). A good point made is that if you are going to do this, you should use Google Analytics to collect data (again, you need data to know whether you are succeeding or not).

The book then dives into different SEO techniques like the use of META tags on your site to get Search Engine Robots to find your site and be able to classify it, correctly. If you do a “View Page Source” on this page you’ll see which meta tags I have set up for this site too. The key to SEO is the use of Keywords, and the rest of the book outlines well how to get Search Engines to associate Keywords with your web site, and how to get your rank for that Keyword up the list (appearing on Page 10 on Google isn’t your goal).

Very good learning points about Keyword densities (don’t use them too little OR too much), and what techniques you should be using in a Pay Per Click (PPC) environment as well. Their explanation of PPC is useful for “newbies” as well, I learned 1 or 2 things I didn’t know as well. I skipped the section on Advertising keywords, since I was not very interested in that section (yet), but it seems quite detailed on tactics in that area as well.


Content is king, is my credo and the book outlines the importance of not simply putting out a bunch of retread information or some hack-kneed old information, you need to be interesting and fresh to attract and KEEP readers (don’t just do book reviews, as an example, unless your site is a book review site).

The books sections on Links and Robots is again very illustrative and important to understand if you want to play the SEO game. This site for example has very incoming links and whereas my financial site have hundreds of links in which helps it keep it’s popularity. How to deal with Robots is also quite important and the explanations in the book are very helpful. The author’s warnings about SEO SPAM should be heeded, unless you want to be a Black Hat SEO person (i.e. a bad guy).

Analysis of the data after you have implemented your plan is your final goal and deciding whether you have succeeded (and how you might change your plan to create more success), concludes the books content.


I always feel that if I get three new ideas from any content it is of value, and I view this book as a useful resource and a good read. I will not be buying it, as I have already noted from it what I want to use, but I would recommend this book if you are starting out in the SEO game.

Good read!

Scheduling Blogging Time

So one of my biggest issues with my writing is that I am not a very good writer (big problem don’t you think?). I cannot create very well, and typically whatever I create as an initial draft is crap, however, I do know that I have very good edit’ing skills.

This means the entire blogging model is not really that ideal for me, as it tends to lend itself to spontaneous writing and publishing, which means pretty much what I put out is crap (or not of the highest quality).

An interesting thing has happened in my life, which is I have found a job I like (so far) and am enjoying it so much, that I do not like blogging at work any more (previously that was where most of my blogging took place at), so now I do my writing at night at home, and then just edit it the next morning, and that seems to be lending itself to a higher quality of article (in my opinion).

Need to explore this a bit more, but an interesting trend at least.

Writing Style 2

So I am reading (or listening to) On Writing by Stephen King, which is actually quite good as a book on cassette, since the author does the narration. No I don’t fancy myself a great writer of fiction (although, I’m sure there is a great novel in me somewhere, unfortunately it’s next to my winning lottery ticket numbers), but it is an interesting commentary on writing. I like Stephen King’s style of writing, so I was hoping to get a glimpse as to how he does it. The books is not overly wordy, and at times reads like a high school writing course (fancy that, since King was a High School English teacher), but it made me pause and think about my writing style as well. I will try to apply a few of his ideas about writing, and read a few of the books he suggests, but his main advice was READ and WRITE a great deal, and you will get better. Guess I am doing the right thing with these blogs then.

Oh and King has a very good short commentary on the Virginia Tech Massacre and how the media has overly put the focus on the idiot who did the shooting, and whether you can predict from someone’s writings about whether they will “snap”. A good read.

I did promise that I might change things this past weekend, however, the weather was just so spectacular that I felt obliged to go out and enjoy it. Maybe in a few days, who knows?