Book Review: SEO Search Engine Optimization Bible

SEO Bible by Jerri L. Ledford

(ISBN: 978-0-470-17500-2) As usual I have not purchased this book, I have, however, borrowed it from the Ottawa Public Library.

This is an excellent book for those who are beginners in the “Mug’s Game” of Search Engine Optimization.(SEO) It explains what the basic concepts of SEO are, and why they are important if you are trying to make money on the web.

The book starts sensibly talking about how you need a plan for how you are going to use SEO on your site (know what you want to achieve so you know whether you have succeeded or not). A good point made is that if you are going to do this, you should use Google Analytics to collect data (again, you need data to know whether you are succeeding or not).

The book then dives into different SEO techniques like the use of META tags on your site to get Search Engine Robots to find your site and be able to classify it, correctly. If you do a “View Page Source” on this page you’ll see which meta tags I have set up for this site too. The key to SEO is the use of Keywords, and the rest of the book outlines well how to get Search Engines to associate Keywords with your web site, and how to get your rank for that Keyword up the list (appearing on Page 10 on Google isn’t your goal).

Very good learning points about Keyword densities (don’t use them too little OR too much), and what techniques you should be using in a Pay Per Click (PPC) environment as well. Their explanation of PPC is useful for “newbies” as well, I learned 1 or 2 things I didn’t know as well. I skipped the section on Advertising keywords, since I was not very interested in that section (yet), but it seems quite detailed on tactics in that area as well.


Content is king, is my credo and the book outlines the importance of not simply putting out a bunch of retread information or some hack-kneed old information, you need to be interesting and fresh to attract and KEEP readers (don’t just do book reviews, as an example, unless your site is a book review site).

The books sections on Links and Robots is again very illustrative and important to understand if you want to play the SEO game. This site for example has very incoming links and whereas my financial site have hundreds of links in which helps it keep it’s popularity. How to deal with Robots is also quite important and the explanations in the book are very helpful. The author’s warnings about SEO SPAM should be heeded, unless you want to be a Black Hat SEO person (i.e. a bad guy).

Analysis of the data after you have implemented your plan is your final goal and deciding whether you have succeeded (and how you might change your plan to create more success), concludes the books content.


I always feel that if I get three new ideas from any content it is of value, and I view this book as a useful resource and a good read. I will not be buying it, as I have already noted from it what I want to use, but I would recommend this book if you are starting out in the SEO game.

Good read!

Lu Lu Lemon

Yup, I am now officially peeved at Google again, and their Search Engine ranking bovine feces.

My original posting on Canadian Financial Rants about Lu Lu Lemon was posted a while back and picked up by a couple Stock Carnivals, so I was happy with the article. I checked to see where it might show up in the Google Search Engine rankings, and was dismayed to see that it doesn’t appear anywhere at all. What dismayed me even more was that a site that reposts my articles, DOES show up on the first page of a Google search for Lu Lu Lemon, with my exact article!

Sour Grapes on my part? Maybe, but then I wandered over to Yahoo and then I got really upset, as the #4 search item for Lu Lu Lemon is, my exact article? Wow, I must really have pissed off the boys at Google, not only have they decimated by Page Ranking, my posts are now being relegated as well. Your mileage may vary, but this is how I am seeing it right now.

I’ll be attempting to take the Financial Blog up to New Blogspot format, and see if that changes anything (with an eye towards moving it completely into it’s own domain).

Yahoo Sucks

Not really, but I was wondering if I might get their attention with that posting. I now have google on line and checking my site and such, so that is great, but I am getting next to no traffic from Yahoo. I have registered with the Yahoo utilities, and have got my sites verified so it should be sending me some traffic, but not much (although maybe my Google Analytics aren’t taking much notice of Yahoo traffic either).

I have been looking at my domain and wondering what I can do for my $10.00 . Currently it points to a backup copy of my financial blog, but that does not seem to be a very good use of that resource. I think I need to maybe register a real domain name for my financial site, which is close to my current name Canadian Financial Rants , and use that as my new name? We’ll see.

Traffic is still ok, but I really need to find that one big step to get to 1000 hits a day, just need to figure that one out.

Addendum: After 7 years I can say with more certainty that Yahoo! sucks

Yahoo Back In Line

OK, so I figured out what was “wrong” with my site claim with Yahoo, the identifying meta tag was too far down in the template and got lost by the robots, that were doing the authentication. I moved the tag to the top of the template, and suddenly my financial site Canadian Financial Opinions is mine and recognized (Whoo Hoo). Now I can figure out what I can do with the Yahoo site tools that they give me access to, and whether I can start driving up my site ratings in Yahoo too!

Google was back two days ago going through Canadian Financial Opinions so that is a good thing, but still finding lots and lots of errors (500 Internal server error), so I need to look into those and figure out exactly what is going on here, as well. Google is creating 12% of the throughput on my site, so that is a very good thing. If I can just get the Yahoo numbers up I think I will be smoking.

Surprisingly the Canadian Capitalist is my main source of folks wandering into my site, by referrals, wonder if I should be advertising on his site?

Problems with Yahoo Now

So now that I seem to have remedied my issues with Google Search Engines for now, I am trying to figure out why Yahoo is not sending much love my way. Interestingly, I cannot seem to authenticate my site on their site management software (yet I can for this site?), so I am trying again, but I have an e-mail into those guys to figure out what exactly I need to do.

Pingoat, seems to have returned from the dead, or wherever they went last week. A very good site to do pings from, in my estimation.

On the Google side of things, I am still getting a lot of gateway errors when their robots run through my site, which I think is because I am using the old blogspot template. I need to remedy that, but I also need another day to be added to the week to make this all work too. Interestingly Lent seems to be one of the big keywords to my site? Interesting indeed :-)