New WordPress 2.6.1, but not yet

After living through the last upgrade of WordPress and having it break this site and the advertising on my financial site, I figured I would wait a little while until I am sure all of my plug ins and themes are ok’ed on this “dot release” from our friends at WordPress.

Income this week has been steady, but RSS feeds have dropped sharply on the financial site, and I am just not too sure why. It is August and vacations, but I am hoping it is not a real trend, and instead just a blip. Mentioned in the Canadian Capitalist today, so should have a good “bump” from that link (remember the Canadian Capitalist Effect ).

Readership on this site increases slowly but surely as well, which is interesting too, not sure who(m) is reading, but remember I don’t post every day here (but I sometimes end upĀ  writing a lot at once).

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