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A Few Changes Here

I decided to change things around here a little bit, as I have been using the same Theme (UBD Money Maker) for a long time and it was getting a little stale. The theme had served me well but the new Customizr theme does give me a little more flexibility without having to pay for a premium theme (i.e. it is free).

Customizr has a funky looking slider and an ability to highlight specific posts on the front page, so I will be looking into that once I feel a little more comfortable with things.

The other interesting plug-in that I am trying out here is the Google Publisher Plug-in  which is supposed to be from Google (in Beta) which helps with Adsense ads and hooks into the Google WebMaster tools as well, which (I hope) helps this site finally get listed on Google (again). Still having no end of issues getting any of these posts crawled by Google, not really sure what is the problem here, but trying many different things.

I removed the All in One SEO Plug In, because it didn’t seem to be helping and was creating a very odd sitemap.xml file, and I reinstated the Google XML Sitemap generator plug-in which seems to create a normal sitemap, which is still not getting me crawled, but at least I can read it.

I am glad I have this site to try things out, I just wish it was actually in the Google Index.

Addendum: And I turned on WP-Supercache as well, I had issues with the previous cach’ing program but this one has worked just find on The Canadian Personal Finance Place, so it is now running here as well.


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