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Adsense, your first stop

If you are just starting out and have no concept of how you are going to make money with your blog or business, you need to create an Adsense account, and get their advertising power on your site. I am assuming you already have a Web Service provider (if you don’t have that, try and go from there).

I started up with Adsense about 2 years ago, and I have been satisfied with the amount of money I have made, given the amount of work I have put into my Blogs.

There is an entire INDUSTRY on how Adsense works, and how to optimize your monetary intake or maximize your advertising dollar (if you take the next step and want to use Adsense to advertise your site). What you need to understand is that:

  1. Adsense figures out from your web site what it thinks your web site does. This is done by the Google “Spiders” traversing around looking at keywords and deciding what type of adverts fit best on your site.
  2. On the basis of where your reader is, Adsense will put geographically relevant ads up (it tries not to advertise Far East services to North Americans, for example).
  3. Adsense code is javascript, so it dynamically creates the links on your web site each time it is read.
  4. You make money when readers of your site “click through” and as tempting as it can be, if YOU are caught up’ing your own click stats by doing that yourself, you will be kicked out of the program very quickly.
  5. You need to know what keywords make the most money for your topic, and make sure they are prominent so that Adsense profits can be plentiful. Again just do a Google Search for Adsense Keywords, and stand back.

Adsense a Start ?

Adsense is not the only advertiser you can associate yourself with, but they are always the first place to start, unless you don’t fit into their list of sites they like (i.e. if you are a porno site, or are doing something illegal, they will not advertise).Start out slowly with this, you are not going to be rich like these folks, but you might earn some coffee money, and that is a good start!  


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