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Analytics not the problem

So at least the folks at Google Analytics were nice enough to answer my e-mail about why my site seems to be on the Google “no look” list. Initially they had problems finding my site, but then once they found it, they said there was no problems with the Analytics side of things (did I mention that if you are serious about your web site, you should have this information from this tool), but that it seems to be a Google Search issue. Well, it’s good to know that the problem is where I think it is, and the Analytics, analyst forwarded the issue on to the Search folks, so now I await their verdict as to why I seem to not exist on the Google Search engine.

I figured this all out, when I saw that another site had been quoted on the “Smith Manoeuvre” and I remembered Canadian Financial Opinions usually came up on that kind of search on Google, but to my surprise, it no longer shows up there, in fact I have created keyword combinations that are impossible to miss, yet Google continues to ignore my site? This is intriguing and I am really curious now to find out what I have done wrong. Stay tuned.

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