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Attracting Heat: Another Writing Tactic

Following on with my Site Marketing using Wrestling ideas, another way to get eyes on your site is to try and attract some heat. Previously I have written about ho Being a Douche is One Way of Doing It and to continue on that idea, let me explain first the concept of heat (in wrestling terms):


Boos or negative reaction coming from the fans directly to the heel wrestler. From a booker’s standpoint, this is positive as it means the heel is getting the desired reaction from the fans.

Heel (professional wrestling)

A villain wrestler, who usually is booed, hated by the fans, and uses illegal tactics behind the referee’s back. Usually performing regularly against faces. The opposite of face.

So writing an article that is nasty, sarcastic, snarky or overly negative can be a useful way to get attention on

The Greatest Heel of all time Walter “Killer” Kowalski

your site, however, it does come with some ramifications. Nobody likes reading overly negative stuff all the time (unless you are writing a scandal rag, and I am not sure how you do that in a financial sense), so you may not want to be a Heel Blogger, unless that is your decided persona for writing.

More Heat Methods

Another tactic is to try to draw heat to your site by writing Heel Comments (or being an Internet Troll) being argumentative, contradictory or just downright rude to see if you can get folks to mention you on their site (remember in Wrestling there is no such thing as bad press), again, being a Troll may get you noticed, but does it work in the long run? I am really not sure.

I view the voice of The Canadian Personal Finance Site as a relatively good natured web site, although at times I do try to draw some heat making some sarcastic commentary about Debt. I usually leave positive comments on most sites as well (if I disagree it is rare I leave a negative comment, I just ignore).

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