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Freakish Posts and Who Reads What?

I have given up trying to figure out why a lot of my posts have very tepid interest, however, sometimes I write an article knowing full well I am kicking the hornets’ nest and things are going to start flying. The best example I have of that is the now infamous I am a Civil Servant where I rail at a few of the dumber commentaries I have seen online about Canadian Civil Servants (some of the comments are classics, but I also suspected this might be the case).

Sometimes I write a post and expect a big response and get no response at all, an example of that was Are Canadians Financially Stupid?  and I got pretty much no push back or fight at all, in fact, all I got was a bunch of folks agreeing with me (how boring is that one). I was hoping to get folks to argue that times are hard and such, however, nothing much.

Odd Post ?

An odd post that seems to explode every year now was What Does the 4th of July Mean? which quadruples or quintupled my readership for a couple of days for two years in a row. There must be a magical keyword search that finds it or something, and I am not complaining, but I would love to figure out what the “secret sauce” is on that post and make it more like it.

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