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Google Search 1st Level Support is Less than Adequate

Yup, I got bounced out of their first level support for my “Search Engine Issues” with a simple “RTFM” message (actually it was a Read the F*ing FAQ message). I am unimpressed, but I guess that is how they normally deal with folks. No, I don’t want to fix the coffee holder on my computer (I worked in 1st level support for a while, so I have heard them all), so please assume I have a little common sense when it comes to how the system works, and HELP ME!

I have resubmitted my Finance Web site for re inclusion in their network sweeps, so hopefully whatever I did, is not lethal, but if you aren’t being index’ed by Google, you are basically not doing too well in your “micro business”. I have also looked at more data from Google Analytics and fixed a few “dead links” that I had, but I am still stumped as to why I was excluded, more work needs to be done I guess. Stay tuned!

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