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Heizenberg and 1st Level Support

So after all my bitching and complaining to the Google support systems, I think causing folks to look at my site, has caused Google to get “unstuck” and actually start index’ing my site again, which is a good thing. Now when I check out my site I see the following good information:

Indexing | Query stats »
Home page crawl:
Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Mar 11, 2007.
Index status:
Pages from your site are included in Google’s index. See Index stats. [?]
Web crawl errors
HTTP errors
Not found
URLs not followed
URLs restricted by robots.txt
URLs timed out
Unreachable URLs
Details »
Total: 1

Makes me happy to see that they crawled my site a few days ago at least, because the last crawl was in December, which is not a good thing. The error, I cannot find easily, but I am hoping it was a glitch. I really do need to clean up my format, because it is far too messy right now.

OK, back to work and see if I can build up my readership more. I have added a reading list to my site(s) as well. Big Cajun Man Reading List.


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