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Another interesting new idea, where they claim to have a lot of interest from folks, and all you do is create a Hub web site, which could include lots of stuff, and the hook for publishers is that you can share in Adsense income that they make from your hub page?

Interesting, but when I looked at the Adsense access they get, they can look at all my data for all of my web sites as well? I don’t like this kind of “clarity” where other folks can look at my stats that much. My Hub that I created is Useful Financial Sites just in case you were curious to see what it looks like.

The amount of traffic that this kind of site builds is negligible in terms of actual traffic. It may be that these work for other topics, but not for financial stuff, there are far too many similar sites, it does not differentiate you from other sites, if anything it makes you look desperate.


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