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Apple Naughtiness and Tweets for the Week

Another slap-bang week in technology and the usual security tom-foolery in the technology world as well. Let’s see what wild and woolly things have been going on with the help of my Twitter feed.

Do plug-ins affect your WordPress site? You darn right it does.

Elon Musk made a naughty comment of his own about his competitors at Apple with the following tweet. I do enjoy it when technology folk get all “Alpha Male” about their stuff.

Wait a minute, you are thinking, are you turning this into an Apple shaming site? No, it is time to get back on target with security, but let’s stay on theme for one more simple tweet that should cause those Apple owners to start thinking about security (since Apple seems to be ignoring things).

Hold on, you Android folks out there, feeling smug after all that iOS bashing? A song can hack your device, so don’t get too complacent about security, that is for sure.

You are feeling safe because you use your tapping chip payment card? Maybe don’t get too complacent.

I note that this site has been noticed by a few nasty folks as well, as I was hit with a DOS attack and an attempt to hijack the site as well. I guess it is good that I have some rudimentary security in place. I have no doubt this site can be hacked. I am simply kibitzing, I am no security expert, but good to see that I can slow down the “script kiddies,” at least.

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