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Lots of Stuff to Try

I have been trying out some new ideas, just to see if I can break out of the earning shell I seem to be in. While my readership is up, it still is not as high as I’d like, and my income level seems quite stagnant as well, so with that I have tried a few things and we shall see how it goes:

  1. Using Twitter as a way to steer readers to my site. Every new post is associated with a tweet now using Wordtwit, and that seems to help send folks to my site a bit more (for some odd reason I have over 150 followers).
  2. I have added a ReTweet badge on all my posts, which is from TweetMeMe, and that is interesting, but has not caused to many retweets as of yet.
  3. Found SocialOomph, which allows me to set up timed Tweets, which then allows me to post a lot of my older content, and see if I can drive some traffic to some of those old Dogs as well. Haven’t seen too much reaction here either, but it is early in the game.
  4. Turned commenting back on, for these older sites to see if we can start up some discussions there. Just means I have more Spam to watch for, Akismet should catch most of that.
  5. Put Amazon back on the web site to see if we can figure out how to make some extra cash there. Seem to have enough traffic now that Amazon gives me some extra money every month.
  6. Bought WPTouch Pro, very worthwhile, need to figure out how to drive iPod/iPhone traffic, but I really like that interface.

Finally need to find, build, or buy a new Theme for the site. It really does look dingy.

What do you think?

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