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Naughty Celebrity Nude Photos

Originally posted on Canadian Personal Finance blog. However, it fits better here, especially the topic of Celebrity Nude Photos.

How hard is it to get all of your information? One of the primary victims, Ms. Kardashian™, has a plethora of security folks and Kanye West™ to protect her online. Who do you have? Do you have photos and videos you don’t want folks to see?

This is sad but true, but the folks hunting down all the information “in the Cloud” (skip that movie too) and trying to extricate your info for their nefarious deeds are the same (type) of folks that are hacking your home computer, bank’s computer, Internet Service Provider’s Database, Google’s Info DB, etc., etc., .

Celebrity Nude Photos? From Here? Photo by PhotoMIX Company on

Remember, only a few weeks back. My info got hacked from Home Depot (sure, I have free Equifax, but that is a small payback given I am now being inundated with spam e-mails). I have written countless articles about security:

Are You Safe?

This is all to point out that assuming you are safe might be a little naive (how many celebrity nude photos have you seen lately). This world is getting scarier and scarier. If you are looking for me, I will be hiding under YOUR bed (they won’t think to look for me there).

Oh and my apologies on the cheap pop for the title as well. Celebrity nude pics always brings folks running, no mention of Anna Kournikova though.

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