WordPress 2.7.1 is installed on both sites now although the automatic upgrade in WordPress seems to have failed. I used Dreamhost’s 1 click upgrade instead, which seems to have worked no problem (which is a nice change too). The 1 click upgrade may be the way to go in the future, we shall see.

Advertising seems to be hunting me down these days given the site seems to have a higher readership these days, and I am attempting to monetize my RSS feed a bit more. The RSS feed seems to be a bit of a dead leader when it comes to making money, so I am now inserting ads by hand into the feed just to see if that might help out. Have added Chapters Indigo, Quicktax, and BBC Canada to the list of advertisers.

I actually had a commenter mention how odd it was that I had Playboy on my list of ads, I thought it was interesting that someone actually even noticed, since I didn’t think anyone actually looked there. Good feedback to know.

The content continues to grow, with Video content on the weekend, and the occasional link by larger sites helping to keep the readership up.

What do you think?

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