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Old Commentaries become Timeless

With over 2500 articles written over ten years, many of my commentaries have faded in their significance, and the points made are no longer valid. However, that is easily remedied with some judicious editing.

Many of my investing commentaries over the years, leaving up to 2008, actually are becoming quite relevant to the current market situation. However, simply trying to pass them off as contemporary commentary would be lazy and lack a level of panache. If you add a simple preface to the post something similar to:

Do note the date of this original post, just before the great EXPLOSION of 2008, interesting the parellels eh? (When is next market crash 2007)

Suddenly that article becomes a foreboding warning.

Commentaries and Long Tail Tactics

Another simple tactic is just reading over a commentary about Debt and such add-in exact dates on when the article was being made, and removing any specific mention of coming current events (at the time), as I did with Great Canadian Debts, it had a reference to a coming provincial/federal election.

I am even following my advice with this collection, updating Paypal Donation Buttons, which was previously a little short and didn’t mention Paypal by name either. Many similar posts here need a bit of a clean-up and maybe some SEO work.


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