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lemur on grass in motion

The Power of Long Tail

THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog once discussed scapegoating, specifically parents blaming referees in sports, in a post titled “I Blame the Refs.” Despite the initial lack of engagement, a controversial NFL game led to a surge in readership for this post, an 800% increase, due to a spike in related Bing searches. The author attributes this to “Long Tail” keyword search benefits, similarly experienced with a 4th of July post, highlighting the unpredictability and luck involved in search engine traffic.

SEO Pyramid

Greatest Link Building a Tutorial (Internal)

Why is link building to internal articles important? If you have more than a few articles, how are folks going to find all your cool content? Make sure all internal sites are 1 or 2 clicks away from reading, or you will have a large backlog of dead articles. #SEO #LinkBuilding