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WordPress a backup site?

From a very long time ago (2007) however still applicable for WordPress and Blogger web sites.

So I found an interesting article online that explained how it is possible to do a backup of your Blogspot blogger account to WordPress. The process ends up being a two-phase process, but still quite useful.

First, you must create a user id and blog on , this is quite easy to do. Now that you have created an empty shell of a blog, you can use the admin capabilities of WordPress to back up your blogspot account.

Backup WordPress steps

  1. Go to “My Dashboard” for your blog (it’s on the main admin menu)
  2. Choose “Manage” from the menu list, this is where you can do all you want.
  3. From the “Manage” menu, select “Import”
  4. You will then be given an option to choose which blogging site your blog currently lives on. In this case choose “Blogger” (for the blogspot site).
  5. The next step has you authorize the access to your blogspot account, so you log into with your user id and password.
  6. Once this authorization is ok’ed, you now are given a list of blogs that you have (in my case I have about 6 to choose from). Remember you should create backup blogs for each, but you just need to follow these steps for each.
  7. Each blog has a “Magic Button” which says “import” on it, simply select this and the whole process runs happily for you. My financial rants web site is quite big, so it stalled on me once, but worked fine, and it imported comments as well.

Now the process seems to use the RSS import capabilities, and if you have useful things like videos in your posts, they tend to get lost, but at least you get a backup of your Blogspot account!

Tomorrow is the next step.


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