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About the Big Cajun Man

The Big Cajun Man is my Blogging Alter Ego.

I have been blogging about Finance and Consumerism for about 3 years now and am finally moving onto my own domain (after a long time with Blogspot).

I am married with 4 kids and live in Ottawa and the following article in the Globe and Mail actually is about me.


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Why Big Cajun Man?

As with most odd nicknames, this one came innocently enough from a golf game. I went golfing with my normal golf amigos (one of them being Michael James), and we were waiting for a fourth player who was an acquaintance of my two playing partners.

I went out to the putting green as we waited, and as it was a sunny day, I had on a large straw hat to protect my very caucasian complexion from the sun. I saw that our 3rd had shown up so I started back to my foursome, when I heard the acquaintance say in a very loud voice, “What does that guy think he is? Some kind of Big Cajun Man?”.

Needless to say my two golf amigos roared with laughter and from that day, that nickname has hung around.

Site News

This site’s move from Blogspot, and then Dreamhost is now complete.

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