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Does Controversy Really Sell?

This was a major discussion point for the NCFBA a few weeks back and it also came up in the past week which all started with a Guest Post on THE Canadian Personal Finance Site.

The Guest Post was from a client who was looking to post something that would lead more folks to their website, and thus the post Why You Need to Consider Lifestyle in Your Retirement Planning, which seemed fairly innocuous to me, if not a bit boring, but nothing to get excited about.

I figured to be a good host, I actually submitted this post to a couple of Blog Carnivals to help with traffic generation for the post, and that is where the problem arose. I submitted it to the Carnival of Wealth, which then caused the following to be included in the Carnival:

Big Cajun Man had an even bigger layoff than Shailesh Kumar, we think (have to check the records.) The former returns with a…oh wait, it’s a guest post by “journalistically trained” Miranda Marquit. Take it away, Miranda:

keyword keyword incredibly basic thought keyword SEO phrase link to sponsor keyword keyword pap keyword SEO phrase pablum keyword pabulum keyword keyword insultingly rudimentary advice keyword SEO phrase unnecessary adverb to keep the word count up keyword

Simmer down there folks

I read that and laughed out loud and hence came my thought that this might actually help the post by adding controversy to the post.  I have actually spoken to Control Your Cash and I don’t really have any problem with the comment (I might even agree with it, but I wouldn’t say that on the record).

This then caused me to write another post Insultingly Rudimentary Advice, which caused a great deal of supportive comments from my regular readers. It also had links all over the place, so it couldn’t hurt the whole SEO Mojo of things, and I actually have submitted this to the next Carnival of Wealth, we shall see what comments it creates.

Does controversy still sell? It might, we shall see.

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