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Guest Posts: Please Stop the Madness

Guest Posts Stop The Madness

How many requests do I receive from folks who wish to add their content to THE Canadian Personal Finance Place? This week, over ten, and most weeks, at least 5 of them, are asking if they can write a Guest Post. That is the same answer I give most guest post requests: NO! Stop the Madness! They are all from folks I do not read, nor do I know of them. If I ran a corner store, someone I did not know walked in and said, “I’d like to run your store today, can I?” I would give the

I realize that most of the How to Create Hype About Your Site newsletters say this is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site (I hope you didn’t pay money to get that advice), help your page ranking and solve world hunger, however, speaking as the person at the other end of the TSUNAMI of e-mails on Guest Post, please cease the Cold Call e-mails. Stop the madness.

The few guest post requests I have agreed to over the past year were referrals from other bloggers who I know and trust, who asked me as a favour to help out a new set of bloggers. The Post about the Side Effects of Credit Card Balance Built-Up fit with my point of view and did not heinous inundate the reader with links to sites and weird graphics with hidden crap in them. Yes, I am fully aware of the dirty tricks many of these alleged “guest writers” pull if you let their content onto your site, which is why I don’t usually allow guest posts.

I have discussed this with other bloggers (and believe me, I am not in the minority on my opinions of the Guest Postgame). Some of them now will reply to all Guest Post requests with a form e-mail saying that they charge for guest posts, and they still reserve the right to refuse any content they feel is inappropriate to their site (the charges range from $20 to over $100). I like this idea, but I am always afraid someone might take me up on the offer.

No Guest Posts! Please.

Stop the Madness Advice on Guest Posts

Let me give some free advice on how to get your guest post accepted by a site (no, this does not mean you should use these on me, and no, I am not guaranteeing these will work; after all, this is free advice):

Stop the Madness!

I apologize for sending you a rude “get lost” e-mail when you sent me a guest post request; I got miffed at this whole thing for a while. If I have not replied to you, take the hint, you need to build up credibility with me before I answer you.

It has taken me many years to build up the meagre readership; I don’t need a weird guest post to alienate my few readers; thus, I shy away from them.

Stop the Madness FAQ

Do you allow cold call Guest Posts


Do you allow Guest Posts at all?

Maybe, but only with groups and writers that I know and respect.

How can you stop the madness?

Stop sending cold call queries about Guest Posts.

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