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Legitimate Press Mentions Rule

So this week I had a sudden spike in the number of reads for THE Canadian Financial Blog (basically a quadrupling of my regular readers) for about 2 days, and it took me a while to figure out where the traffic was coming from. Two weeks ago I wrote a piece about Sunday Banking, that I didn’t think much of, but it was an opinion post and I feel sometimes I need to get things like that off my chest. It did include a good catch phrase, I thought, with Impulse Banking, but the only reaction I got was a tirade from 1 commenter and a bunch of folks on Reddit commenting about what a Neo-Fascist I was trying to impinge on their rights to bank on Sundays, OK, fine, I never understand why some people like some of my writing and then other things cause visceral reactions.

Fast forward to this week and my sudden explosion in readership. I finally was able to track down that the spike was caused by a post by Rob Carrick, Whatever Happened to Banker’s Hours, which mentions me at the beginning, and doesn’t say much more, but holy cow, I was getting hit counts during the day that I don’t see ever.  I was getting hits from iPhones and Androids all over the place, but unfortunately this kind of spike rarely causes a big increase in RSS readership or the like, I need to work to make sure if this happens again, I try to hold onto the readership a little more.

My continued work on Social Media, has caused me to create another Facebook account (I have one for my normal persona), but I have created Theo B. Cajunman, as a place to post stories to Facebook, we shall see where this might lead, as I have set up Hootsuite to post there as well. I still can’t see where Facebook would help with readership, but I am willing to listen as well.

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