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WordPress – Really Useful Exercise

In the past I was trying to learn as much as possible about WordPress, because I do plan one day to move my blogs from blogspot to an independent hosting site and I think WordPress is as good a blogging system to run on as the next. Now WordPress does have it’s own free blog hosting site, so if you are just starting out that might just be the place to start (if you don’t want to use blogspot), however, I already had blogs going, but I did want to learn how all of this stuff was going to work together.

LAMP is the four letter acronym you really do need to learn much more about, it stands for

If you are going to do your own hosting from your home, you really need to know all of this and WordPress to get things going. That is a pretty hefty bit of learning to do, so if you want to do this get some books out of the library or buy some before you attempt this.

I wasn’t really ready to try to set all this up in my own home and take care of the servers and admin to the servers, I figured I’d be willing to pay for this, when the time comes (and it hasn’t yet).

I did want to try out WordPress however, so I figured I could try to get Apache Web Server, up and running on my own PC, and learn how it works and then try to put WordPress on top of that. Now I view myself as sophisticated in how computers work and networking and somewhat in how the Internet works, but I was spending WAY too much time trying to get all of this working, and was starting to think about packing the whole mess in.

( continued tomorrow: Then I Found Xampp)

The Journey to WordPress

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