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Backup and Restore

One of my funniest stories from when I worked in I.T. had to do with a backup product we were looking at. The salesperson told us how well the backups worked, how fast they were and how reliable they were. Finally, at the end of it, I asked, how well did the system’s restores run, and the young lady replied, “We haven’t done any restores lately, so we don’t know“.

Now that you have backed up your Blogspot account on WordPress, what can you do? I was thinking, maybe it would be worthwhile using WordPress.com as a kind of new home base for my blog, but I then noticed they really don’t like monetization on their site too much, even though it looks quite nice on there (see at The Canadian Financial Place).

OK, so I am not going to leave my backup on WordPress the site, because there is no point in it. What I have done is set up using a Package from Apache Friends (see the sidebar for its link), which is a full WordPress that runs locally on my machine.

I then created a “shell” blog on my local machine, exported from WordPress.com an XML file, and then imported it into my local blog, and now I have my own copy of my blog, to do with, as I wish. It just makes me feel safer that I now have a copy of all 550 of my posts. I will do the same for my other non-famous blogs.

The importance of this kind of backup cannot be discounted, given the number of folks attempting to hack or steal sites (or hijack them), it is important to make sure you have a safe copy of your content. You wrote it, don’t lose it.

Backup Restore Cloud
Backup and Restore Using the Cloud

Now (of course), it is even easier if you use one of the many online disk systems (i.e. Clouds) like OneDrive or Google Drive to make sure this backup is well backed up and restorable from most places.


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