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Bad Gateway 502 ?

That is the error that the Google Bot now gives for Canadian Financial Opinions when it ran through it on March 11th. Bad Gateway 502 is a bad thing for any Bot to find on your site.

This is interesting, because I found an online freeware bot emulator from sourceforge(that of course, I cannot find any more) that gave me the exact same error, so now I am wondering what exactly might be causing that, so now I am scouring the web to find a FREE tool to test this out and see if the problem is in MY side of things (not surprising if that is the case). You do not want to leave your site spewing Bad Gateway 502 messages.

Canadian Financial Opinions is much like my basement back room in that it is full of crap that I have put there for SOME reason but I forgot exactly why. This is why I think this weekend, I may do some spring cleaning on the web site. The new format for the family web site, seems to be quite clean, and I am now feeling a little more confident that I can use the new Blogger interface to build my site again, but we’ll hold off for a little while for now.


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