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Blocking Adsense Ads (How To)

I have seen varying points of view on whether you should block certain advertisers from your website. Blocking adsense ads from specific advertisers is vital in building your readership

More than a few folks I have spoken to view any ads on their site with a “caveat emptor” point of view, and if folks are dumb enough to use the product they get what they deserve, however, on my site I am not so sure. I have had a plethora of Pay Day Loans places advertising on my site, which to me is actually quite funny, as typically the ads appear next to one of my rants about how disgusting their services are.

The ads that are worrying me is for a specific “alleged” Disability Advocate company, that offers to help folks get their disability claims through the Canada Revenue Agency. I have read a whole bunch of nasty exposes on this specific company (and a few others), and I think that is where I am going to draw the line. I have added this company in specific to my Adsense Block list. The post where I talk about this is Disability Tax Credit: Please Do It Yourself.

Currently I have an extensive Block list for advertisers on all my sites, but I have added to this list thenba . ca and I have asked my readers if there are other advertisers they would not like to see. I am not going to necessarily ban all sites mentioned by my readers, but it gives them a say in things, which can’t hurt either.

How to Blocking Adsense

To Block any advertiser, you:

  1. Open your Adsense
  2. Click on the Allow & Block Ads Tab at the top of the page
  3. There you are!

You start with individual advertisers, but you can block by category too. I got my initial list of sites to block from another post from someone else, and I have about 200 sites that I currently block.

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