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Comments Are Really Important

Yes, there are a couple of ways to tell whether you are being read or not (and we’ll delve into that later), but one of the most tangible ones is through comments. If people are leaving comments about your posts you know that:

  1. Someone IS reading this, not just your Mom or Dad
  2. Someone cares enough about what you have written to comment on it
  3. You are heading in the right direction

Now I must caution that in the early days, if you are not careful you will get Comment SPAM. SPAM in e-mail is annoying, but SPAM in your comments is downright irritating, and must be obliterated. You can stop this by diligently checking your comments, or by setting up that your comments must be read by YOU before they are allowed on your site, which is a good idea too.

The other thing to do is read other sites and comment there, because that sometimes brings folks over to check out what you are saying as well. Now don’t be a knob about it, and just make comments like, “… come see my new great site at spam.spam.spam.spam.com …”, or I will come over and kick you!


What do you think?

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