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COVID-19 Ontario Vaccine Booking Error

Let me preface this with, I did not run into an Error on the Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine booking site. I did have trouble using it, so I am hoping this can clarify for folks who have issues with it. I also am an idiot and should have seen things, but the website’s layout is not “helpful”.

To book your booster or shots, go to this link.

The Vaccine Booking website will ask you:

  1. What type of shot you are looking for (1st, 2nd or booster)
  2. Your Postal Code
  3. What type of Health Card you have
  4. When your last shot was (if 2nd or 3rd shot)
  5. Did you get a non-standard vaccination previously
  6. What is your year of birth

You will see a Get Results button to click if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you will see the following:

Vaccine Booking
If you are successful

Select the Book appointment button.

Vaccine Booking: This is Where I Got Confused

You will be brought to another page with this at the start.

Bad Browse
This is only for information

I kept seeing that and thinking I had failed to start things up. I should have read farther down to find the following entry (which is a page down).

Click here
You Must click the “I Confirm” box to make this active

You must click on the “I confirm” box to have the “Download” button to be active.

Then, you can try to book your Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine appointment.

What do you think?

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