So after figuring it was long enough wait I have destroyed and recreated both original entries of my Blogs.

Originally this site was Not How To Do It on Blogspot and it held pretty much an exact duplicate of a lot of the entries in this site, however, I did the following steps:

  1. Log onto the Blogspot web site
  2. Go to the Template section and save the HTML that is the template for this site (I copied it into Notepad)
  3. Go into the Settings area for the blog, at the bottom select DELETE this blog from Blogspot (be very sure when you do this because it will disappear completely).
  4. Wait about 5 minutes for Blogspot to settle down
  5. Go back and CREATE the exact same blog, with the exact same domain name (change the title to say OLD Version of site, or something like that).
  6. Once creation is complete, copy back the Template from the site you saved.
  7. Turn off all Comment capabilities.
  8. Create an entry that says We Have Moved that points to your new site
You are now done! Your old site points to your new site and there is no longer any duplicate entires on the web either!

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