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Posting By E-mail

So this is my first attempt at trying to make a posting via an e-mail, so hopefully all of my lovely formatting and subtle nuances will not get lost in the translation. I am also doing this off line, so who knows when you might be reading this one too.

Today, Technorati finally fixed my https://www.canajunfinances.com/ web site listing on Technorati. Why is this so important to a blogger?

Well Technorati, like Alexa, Google and Yahoo are conduits for new readers to come and find your site. It is like a band that is not listed on “America’s Top 40”, if you are not on the list, you won’t get new readers from those sources. Technorati’s rating is also used by advertisers and other sites to figure out what the relative value of your site is (and whether it is worthwhile advertising on that site). If you haven’t claimed your site on Technorati, go do that now! Now!!! Unless you don’t care if anyone reads your stuff, then don’t worry about it.

Another really important thing is if you are trying to build up readership by writing interesting articles, you can’t take breaks. I have seen countless web sites that have started off well, but then have just died off. One of my favorites was a music discussion web site, that seems to have disappeared. Write every day, multiple times if the spirit hits you, but write every day while you are trying to build up readership. Make people want to come back to your site, or subscribe to your RSS feed to read what you are saying now.


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