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Exploit Taboo Subjects?

I found an old post I had done last year (when I was in a ridiculous mood), called Men’s Health, which never really caused as much of a commotion as I had hoped, so I had forgotten about it. Taboo subjects can be useful tools.

Tip of the Week

As most of my Twitter followers know, I put two original posts up a day during the week, one of which is brand-new content and typically posted early in the morning. Around lunchtime, I make another OBG (Oldie But Goodie) post, where I attempt to get more readership and site walk-thru by Tweeting older content (given I have over one thousand posts, it is not hard to find 7 posts a week for this). Sometimes I attempt to mine ancient posts and must clean them up a great deal (edit out parts, add viable tags, etc.), which helps clean up my site in general, so it is a very worthwhile exercise.

The Man Who Broke the Most Taboos: the Late George Carlin

This week I went searching for Christmas-related old(er) posts. I tripped across my Men’s Health post again and decided it would be an excellent candidate for Re-Tweeting, since I loved the humour in it, and I enjoy reading some of my sillier posts, so it was Tweeted on Monday.

Taboo Subjects?

As part of this content resurrection program, I ask for some of my blog helpers to retweet the content and such. However, most of them have left this post alone and did not reTweet it, due to my copious use of Double Entendres and the topic being Erectile Dysfunction.

I had one friend post it to StumbleUpon. However, they then said if they got banned for posting Adult content, I was in deep trouble! Digg did not seem to take the initial post either (although I note now it does have a Digg vote). None of my associates, Dugg or did anything else to the post, so there it sits, un-pushed, even though I think it is a fun post.

The story’s moral is that you can get a little too controversial, even when you think you are just being silly!

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