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The Power of a Cheap Pop

Most of the best marketing tricks I have learned over the years are from Pro Wrestling. You’d be surprised how applicable most Wrestling audience trickery can be in the day-to-day stuff.

One of the easiest tricks to use is the Cheap Pop, which is defined as:

Cheap pop

The incitement of a positive crowd reaction by “kissing up” to the crowd (for example, mentioning the name of the city or complimenting a local sports team). Heels often follow the same principle but in reverse to get booed (see “Cheap heat” above).

I used this trick this week with my post Elf on the Shelf (for Money) where I mentioned Gail Vaz-Oxlade by name and then incorporated her style into the content. The other Cheap Pop trick I did was make sure that when the story was posted, I included @GailVazOxlade (her Twitter handle) in my Twitter push for the article. I was lucky enough that she read it (and wasn’t annoyed by my statement), and her readers saw that, and I got a nice bump in readership that day.

Is this a cheap way to get more readers (maybe only for a short period)? Absolutely, but it may add more readers than Carnival Post has ever done for me. I would only do this if you know you will get a relatively positive response from the “celebrity” you are mentioning, but this post then got exposed to Gail’s 24,000 followers (not bad). Nice pop for the day.


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