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What Dad Wants for Father’s Day (Techno Version)

Today is Father’s Day (in North America), traditionally where Father’s Receive:

Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day
  • Hand drawn cards from school
  • A collage made of macaroni
  • A paper tie
  • A Collect Phone Call (yes I am showing my age on that one)

We (as Fathers) cherish and love, but if you can’t find the macaroni or your pencil crayons, here are some technology ideas that you can get Dad to show him you appreciate his good works.

Renew His Anti-Virus Subscription

It might not line up too well, but you can always buy him one of the cards in a store, and he can use it when his expires. If Dad does not believe in Anti-Virus or believes the Windows Defender is enough, slap him, and tell him to install something. No, commercial anti-virus will not catch everything, but it is better than nothing!

Gift Card

Yes, it is the easy way out, but Dad will use it. You know him (as long as it isn’t for Reitmans or La Senza). Amazon or iTunes cards would work nicely and let him choose what he wants. Best Buy card would work too.

A FitBit

OK, so Dad might take that as a commentary about his weight. However, a FitBit is always appreciated and might help him get a bit more active. He doesn’t need the all-singing, all-dancing version. Just the basic one is just fine.

Golf Technology

The amount of golf technology out there, including a swing analyzer that you wear, tells you what you are doing wrong? Where was this stuff when I was learning to play? When I was learning to play, woods were made of wood (although).

An E-Subscription

The Amazon streaming service, Netflix, or maybe even the NFL Ticket thing allows you to watch any NFL game you want. If your Pa is into sports or entertainment, you cannot go wrong with this gift. A subscription to Zinio (maybe for the Golf Magazine) would be good as well!

At the end of it all, your Dad wants to know you are OK.

What do you think?

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