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Banking Malware Be Aware

Found an excellent article from Bank Info Security about the latest Malware attempting to break into your bank accounts.

The ZLoader malware uses webinjects to steal credentials, passwords and cookies stores in web browsers, and other sensitive information from customers of banks and financial institutions, according to Proofpoint. The malware then lets hackers connect to the infected system through a virtual network computing client, so they can make fraudulent transactions from the users device.

ZLoader Banking Malware Resurfaces

Click here to view original web page at www.bankinfosecurity.com

You should be aware of this kind of nasty backdoor into your banking interfaces. As the article outlines, this latest campaign uses a Phishing aspect to lure victims. Just don’t click on these things, and for the love of God, do not download Word Documents or PDF documents.

The more insidious part of this is that they are using the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief to leverage more angles to get you to load the malware. If you receive requests for help, do not take them at face value. Watch for banking trojan malware, android banking malware, anubis banking malware and many others.

Banking Malware

In Canada these can be easily hidden in emails claiming to help with:

  • CERB and how to get it
  • Small Business Loans for COVID-19 affected small businesses
  • Black Lives Matter fundraisers, and calls to action

Stay vigilant, and stay secure.

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