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Book Review: Make Easy Money with Google

Got this book out of the Ottawa Public Library just to see what I might learn from it, in terms of making money with my sites. For no cost, it was worth the read. Making money with Google Adsense is easy, but hard to do it right.

Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program is a good book if you are just getting started in the business of trying to make money on the web.

Eric Giguere, walks the reader through how to start and gives a good initial description of Adsense. He also spends time pointing out to the reader that Content is King, and if you want to make any money, you had better write about stuff that someone gives a darn about (a continuing theme on this blog as well). His Design section runs through the importance of a good Web Page design and gives some examples using NVU. Finally he gets down to brass tacks and outlines how to use Adsense to design eye catching ads and how to put them into your web site.

Does Google Care?

I got this book just to see if there was anything that I have missed in my years of attempting to make a buck on the Web, and I was pleasantly surprised to see confirmation that I was doing some of the right things and there was a good section where the Author explains how to submit your web site to the major search engines (and then I realized I hadn’t submitted this site to MSN search, so that was a good thing).

Lots of affirmation of the important points for making money the old fashioned way (earning it):

  • Good content should bring traffic if you advertise it correctly
  • Adsense needs to be tuned no matter what you are doing
  • Write about something you care about, it will show

It’s an interesting way of writing with a “conversation” going on through the entire book between folks who are trying to make money online and asking Eric questions. Does Google care?

Overall Rating: Good book for a beginner, worth a glance for others, just to fill in some blanks

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