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After the fiasco that was my attempt at hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance (although that post is one of the most popular I have ever had), I ran into yet another interesting bit of carnival whining from one of the many posters who I included in the overly long post (this was found in Stumbleupon):

Host left out a large number of articles from a large number of excellent personal finance bloggers for no apparent reason. Not good carnival etiquette.

This is what I have problems with the whole Carnival world, just because you send in a post, why do you think it should be included? Especially if there are over 100 posts to choose from? Most of the larger carnivals I have seen (and stopped reading) are just so bloody long, I gave up reading them (unless they had an “editor’s choice” at the start, where I read those 5 and ignored the rest). Witness this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance #202, at least it has an Editor’s choice box so I can skip the rest of the over 100 entries.

This is why writers ridicule bloggers so much, the whole “… we should be inclusive…” mentality of, just because I wrote it someone must want to read it (this post included) is lazy, and will never make you a better writer.

I had 1 or two queries which were by normal writers who simply asked why, so that they could hone their skills, but the deluge of whining and complaining drowned out these writers. Why anyone wants to host a Carnival these days is beyond me.

What do you think?

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