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End of 2010 Personal Finance Biz Review

The year 2010 was a relatively successful year for THE Canadian Personal Finance site. However, not nearly as successful as I think it should be to justify the amount of time I spend on writing and developing the business.

Some of the highlights of my Personal Finance successes (to be optimistic):

  1. My Alexa ranking has gone from off the face of the earth to 98,186, which means I think I have succeeded in the Yakezie challenge (got below 100,000 on Alexa).
  2. My income from Adsense is up about 5% this year over last, which while good is still slave wages compared to the amount of work put into the site.
  3. TextlinkAds kept up it’s regular payment pace, and it paid about 10% more for the year, so I mustn’t complain about that.
  4. I had other income of about $200 from other bits and pieces, which is up a little bit over last year.
  5. My presence of Social Networking seems to be much higher these days and I am drawing more readership from these sites, but they are not of very high quality, in that they are not big Adsense clickers, or purchase stuff that I link to on Amazon.
  6. Had my first Personal Finance guest post in a while, with Side Effects of Credit Card Debt Build Up, which was received quite well and I did help out a starting blogger, so good for me.

As we can see from Analytics there were a few spikes in the year:

Personal Finance
2010 Readership Analytics Graph

What Personal Finance Articles Did Work This Year?

And the list of my most popular posts for the year were:

  1. Gifts You Should Never Give to Your Kids, which goes to show that if you rip off an idea from MSN you can still get a lot of readers too. (2143 page views)
  2. Pet Insurance WTF, does portray me as a heartless oaf when it comes to pets, but hey, if it sells, who cares?  (1443 page views)
  3. Gosh Darn CPP and EI, which simply is me bitching about paying premiums, which is cool. (1342 page views)
  4. Advice to Future University Students shows that any story that talks about teenage drinking, can’t be all bad (1230 page views)
  5. Banking on Sunday is the first post that I really tried to push hard using Social Networking, and I guess it shows that this can be of use as well. (1181 Page Views)

So I guess the best thing I can do is repost these on Twitter this week, just to get a little more bang for my post?

Goals for Coming Year

I think I have a few simple goals for the coming year:

  1. Make more money doing this.

Seems like the only real goal, so let’s work on that.

What do you think?

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