I have tried building a strong link base for The Canadian Personal Financial Place over the past while and I think I have succeeded, however, I have not been able to build the readership other than being in the hundreds and the RSS readership to about 400 readers.

Using PerformancingAds as my basis for this I found a likely site where an ad might be of use, and I found a fellow Canadian Financial Blogger in the Million Dollar Journey, who’s rates are a little steep for a week, but I decided to experiment and bought a week of advertising on his site. We shall see whether this will build readership or be a waste of $20.00. I have blown more on stupider things, so I think this is a worthwhile experiment.

If this campaign works, my next steps will be to approach Million Dollar Journey for a more permanent solution. Currently, my site is linked to from the N.C.F.B.A. and other sites, however, it will be interesting to see if my new 125×125 ad is enticing as well.

Canadian Personal Finance blog 125x125 Advert
Canadian Personal Finance blog 125×125 Advert

Epilogue: Trust me, this sorry attempt at things was a complete mess.

What do you think?

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