This morning while attempting to clean up the 90 still broken links on Canadian Personal Finance, I ended up having an interesting epiphany. In my early days I took pictures from all over the web to help push forward my points (not realizing that many times sites move pictures, or turn off access to them). This morning I found a post I had done about pay day loans places called Pay Day Loans: No, No, No!! and in it, I had a picture of a great white shark to show what I thought of the pay day loan industry (they are all blood thirsty sharks (worse than loan sharks)).

My Broken Links plug in told me that this picture had disappeared, and I was looking around for a new picture of a shark, when it dawned on me that a very nice picture that shows what Pay Day Loan places are like is on the cover of Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws, so I decided to replace the picture, with an Amazon Associates picture ad for the novel Jaws, and if someone buys the novel I make money! I also get across the point about how I loath the Pay Day Loan industry (even though the advertise on my web site as well!).

Think I’ll do that a few more times now, see if I can get some love from Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Broken Pictures Lead to Amazon Ads”

  1. Interesting, but the big problem is that you’d probably make more money in a finance affiliate link than an Amazon one!

  2. Brilliant! Always looking for interesting visuals to add to posts. Never thought of using book/movie/mousepads whatever. Less worry about the picture going offline or image permission problems. I had one image that has given me so grief so I replaced it with an amazon image/link and problem solved.

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