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How do I get more traffic?

That’s a very good question. Now that you have set up your advertising campaigns, by using Adsense (or one of the many other Blog Advertisers out there), you now need people to come and look at your advertising content and hopefully click through.

How do I get more traffic? Well, when I first started, I used sites like Blogexplosion or Blogsoldiers to try to create some buzz or traffic through my web site. This had little success, as there were more people looking at the site, but the traffic created by the “share a site” web sites, is transient at best, and I’d say you’d get 1 or 2 readers per 500 views of your site, if you are lucky, so you won’t get a lot of “return traffic” using sites like this. Now your mileage may vary but I really can’t recommend this as a way of building a base of loyal readers.

There are other more shady sites that guarantee click through traffic, that I won’t mention, because those sites actually break your agreement with Adsense and will most likely cause you to get kicked out of that advertising system. Remember, if it doesn’t sound like it is a good idea, it probably is not, read your agreements with your advertisers very closely, you don’t want to upset your income providers.

OK, tomorrow we discuss how to get a little more reliable traffic to come through your site, and hopefully start building a base of relatively loyal readers who drop by often and read your posts, and maybe “give you some love” too.


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