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SEO : How do I get more Traffic to my site?

This continues with yesterday’s discussion of getting Traffic to your site. Do you use SEO to make your site viral? Maybe, is the simple answer.

The way to get HUGE throughput into your site is to get noticed by the “regular” media. If you are mentioned in Print, On TV or Radio, your site will get inundated with Traffic, no matter what the topic is (now I don’t mean if it gets mentioned on cable access late night, “I love Goth” show, I mean the real mainstream media). Countless sites have had that vault them into the elite level of sites on the Internet.

How do you do this? I have no idea. If I did, my sites would be getting overrun as well, wouldn’t it? Sometimes it is simply by accident because you posted something interesting that everyone wants to know about, but if you can pull off this kind of Internet marketing coup, you are “lights out” ahead of the game.

So you don’t figure your home knitting site will get noticed this way? Don’t feel bad. That’s pretty much the way most of us lowly bloggers live, but take heart you can start building Traffic in other ways. We’ll talk more about this tomorrow.

SEO Example

You want an example of a site overrun because of one article, have a look at this posting on John Chow’s site, it’s about a Urinal! This article got noticed and holy cow his site is now jumping with readers.

What could increase Traffic? A Pop-up Urinal!

1 thought on “SEO : How do I get more Traffic to my site?”

  1. The best way to get consistent traffic to your blog is to go and visit on other blogs.

    Getting tons of traffic by doing a stunt is like hitting the lottery.

    The best way is to develop relationships and reputation, which takes time.

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