So the article in the Globe and Mail about me didn’t do too much for traffic to my site. Due to that article, however, I did a short blurb on the market volatility this morning on CBC Radio One, and today’s numbers look to be the biggest for my blog ever.

Ransomware Group Targets Hospitals At Height Of Pandemic

What is interesting is that I used my real name, but the host mentioned my “Nom de Plume,” but luckily, I own as well, which now points directly to my new site as well, and I think that is causing a great deal of traffic on the site. The interview was quite fun, and I didn’t sound too dumb, so I am happy with the results.

I am working on a very long posting on my transition and move from Blogspot to my hosting using WordPress. It has been an exciting learning experience, but I have also held off just dumping more and more “stuff” onto my site for now. I will wait and see how things go before adding Kontera or more Feed advertising.

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