Google Page Rank

Found a really good article talking about a way to have Google reconsider your site’s Page Rank (in Blog about Your Blog ) . Simply go into the Google analytics interface and ask for your site to be reconsidered, and make sure you put a compelling explanation in place about it. I did so, so we shall see what comes of this, hopefully at least an explanation of what I am doing wrong.

{I wrote this a while ago, the real big problem(s) were the fact that I had moved from BlogSpot and it was taking a time to swing a lot of links over AND I was using the Text Link Ads service, which Google blacklisted and I had to remove that too}

I am also attempting to figure out what to do with this site. I have neglected here for a while, and it would be easy to move over to my Dreamhost account , so that might be the next logical step.

Then I might be more motivated to rant about my Blog-Business problems as well.

Stay tuned on that one.

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