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Page Rank of 2/10

Back in the day when Page Rank was known on Google. Google ranks pages now, but they just don’t tell you any more.

This is quite funny because now both my sites have this page rank, including this site. I am astounded to see that somehow this simple little “on line notebook” is actually ranked at 2/10, while my Canadian Personal Finance Blog which has thousands of links and such is also 2/10 (but then again, so is the Canadian Capitalist, and he is a much higher ranked blogger than I am). What’s funny is our friend over at Canadian Money Review is ranked 3/10 yet he hasn’t posted anything in months (busy with new baby and such).

I think I am getting my ranks back because I have turned off the “Bots” on my left over sites over at Blogspot. At the end of the year, I am going to delete the Financial One, since it still seems to be creating “echos” throughout the Web, and the redirection from Blogspot does not seem to work that well these days either.

Given I am using Chrome much more these days, I haven’t really been looking at my page rankings (haven’t got a chrome add in for this), so I only noticed that this site seems to have a page rank of 2/10 on Friday. I am not getting deluged with advertising opportunities here yet, and somehow I doubt that will happen, but then again, you never know either.

1 thought on “Page Rank of 2/10”

  1. Page Rank to any site, in case you did not know, is not calculated site wide. It is calculated for each individual page. As a blogger, this can be a fit frustrating, as many backlinks point to specific articles rather than the front page. If all backlinks to my site were combined and pointed to richgilchrest.com, the site would be a a top Page Rank right now.

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