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I Still Blame the Refs

So a while ago I wrote a post on THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog about how everyone looks for scapegoats in their lives, and in specific I have seen many parents blame officials for game results, so I entitled the post I Blame the Refs. The post itself didn’t really spark too much rhetoric, or even many comments, so I filed that post in my archives and forgot about it.

Bad NFL Call

What a LOUSY Call

Fast forward to Tuesday morning this past week where the most horrificly badly NFL refereed game ever transpired, and on Tuesday I guess one of the most chosen searches in Bing was I Blame the Refs, because I surely got an 800% readership spike that day (no real increase in income, but a very large spike to show in my stats).

When I first saw the spike, I wondered if I had been mentioned in the mainstream media again, however, thanks to Jetpack for WordPress the stats clearly showed that a lot of traffic came from Bing and it was for my referees post, which makes me laugh, but it’s never a bad thing either.

I guess this is what they call “Long Tail” pick up, but I do have this happen every 4th of July with the What Does the 4th of July Mean to Me, post as well. I suppose sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good when it comes to Keyword searches.




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