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Joke of the Day: Chickmunks

Chickmunks ?

What are YOU looking at chickmunk
What are YOU looking at

Joke of the Day

A while back I was reading a posting on line and it was from a gentleman who’s mother tongue was not english, and this post was about Chickmunks (should have been chipmunks, given the picture above) and how do you deal with them around  your house. The posting went on to talk about what a pest they were and such, and finally asked “How do you deal with Chickmunks?”.

I chuckled at this, and then saw there was a post from a friend of mine underneath which was the topper, which went:

Re: What to do with Chickmunks

I believe they do not like the term Chick Monks, they prefer to be called Nuns


What do you think?

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