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Post Blow Things Up Day and Best of Technology and Security This Week

It is the day after Blow Things Up Day (aka the 4th of July), as a close neighbour Canadians get to watch (from a distance, thus less likely to get blown up), and I must say Americans know how to party. Hopefully folks captured photos of all of the explosions, but didn’t lose their drone in the explosive fun.

Found this friendly Meme on the web to help with the post 4th of July celebrations:

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Android continues to be the OS of choice for Malware authors with 440K strains identified in Q1 this year. Don’t get too smug IOS users, there is nasty malware out there for you as well. Apple even admitted to patching dozens of security flaws in the latest iOS release (8.4), and just to be pissy (IMHO) they removed Home Sharing from music as well (thanks).  To put this whole iOS vs. Android argument to bed, V3 states that Android Malware Dominates the threat landscape (for now).

The Internet does enjoy when firms are “hoisted by their own petard” and with the Hacking Team being hacked, there does seem to be a degree of smugness out there.


Microsoft is trying very hard to have your kids love Minecraft and with that in mind, they are trying to get Teachers to Integrate Minecraft into the classroom, and it might be a good thing too. How much is too much storage? No such thing as too much storage, in fact, 28 billion gigabytes shipped last quarter, think of all the porn that is being stored on that. Do you think E-books are overpriced? I do, so I am glad to see Apple get fined $450M for price fixing e-books, but will this bring prices down?

In a more obtuse bit of tech news, Windows 7, has Windows 10 to thank for it (Win7) getting much more traction in the marketplace (due to the alleged free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7), if you followed that.  Tech is trendy for wedding registries? What wife is allowing their husbands to interfere in wedding planning like that?!? Evidently lots of folk want AppleTV?  If last week felt a little longer, it was, by 1 second, hope you enjoyed it.

Would you use a Google Carpooling service? Evidently it is already available in Israel. I guess it is a good thing that Car Tech may Stop Drunk Driving, if your car doesn’t already drive itself.

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