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The Edge of the Network is Where Security is Most Fragile

In most networks, the edge of the network, or the customer-facing part of the network is where security must be most vigilant, as this is typically where most attacks or attempts to maliciously enter the system start (yes, there are always issues with insider attacks, as well).

The following tweet outlines the concerns in the retail industry, however the financial world has issues as well. Cash registers and Point of Sale systems are the endpoints that thieves will always try to exploit. Security is an important aspect of endpoints.

In the financial world, you have old insecure terminals that can be easily turned into lines of attack. Do you realize how many ATMs are STILL running Windows XP?

However, remember new technologies do attract the attention of the bad guys as well. Many times new technologies are simply not “hard-baked” security-wise and end up being an easy point of entry for bad folk.

Surely the employees of banks and such can be trusted to secure their passwords? Surprisingly, no.

Financial Endpoint Security

So at the end of all of this, we can see that the edge of financial networks needs to be better secured in terms of:

  • Ensuring the technology being run on their end devices is still actually supported by someone, and thus might still be secure-able
  • Users of terminals into the system realize the dangers of not updating or securing their passwords to the system
  • New technologies made to streamline payment systems are in some way secure, and not easily hacked

Food for thought:

Bored Cookie Monster
Is that Cookie’s password on a yellow sticky on his desk?

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