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Think about Titles

Yes, I shot myself in the foot a little with a Not Well Thought Title on one of my posts (a little too controversial, so I have been banned by them). Was it foolish on my part? I will put it down to being a lesson learned on my part because I think I have enough Social Media coverage these days. Not being part of Thrust isn’t going to keep me awake at night (although I may need to start a list of social media sites that have banned me).

I have had some reasonable success with titles that have created big numbers, I Blame the Refs got a colossal pop the day after the NFL game where the referees blew the call at the end of the game, and my post about What Does the 4th of July Mean goes crazy every year around the 4th of July.

The new theme seems to have helped a great deal with Google rankings popping up for many of my older posts, and I do seem to be getting a 100-150 page view push every day from old posts (which helps a bit).

I will continue to think up more catchy titles for my post, especially with my sarcastic top 10 lists that also continue to appear willy-nilly.

What do you think?

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